Technical Reference Documents

The following file links and tables provide technical information from Dow Chemical, Resolco International BV, Georgia Gulf Chemicals and Vinyls, LLC, Intertek ETL SEMKO, and IIG Industrial Insulation Group.

Full catalog with technical data, test results, product images and drawings – BBMI_Inserts_Catalog.pdf

Saddles and Hanger Compressive Strength Tables – compressive_strength

TRYMER 25-50 PIR TDS  — TRYMER 25-50 PIR TDS.pdf

Resolco INSUL-PHEN – insulphen.jpg

Resolco INSUL-PHEN Data Sheet {March 2006} – Resolco Data Sheet.pdf

Resolco Heavy Density INSUL-PHEN Data Sheet {October 2005} – Resolco Heavy Density Data Sheet.pdf

Georgia Gulf 7181 – ggulf7181.pdf

Intertek ETL SEMKO – Intertek ETL SEMKO Specifications.pdf

Thermo-12 Gold – thermo12gold.pdf